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Environmental Sustainability Charter

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What is the Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) Group?

The Environmental Sustainability Charter Group is made up of steel industry companies who have committed themselves to the Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC). The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) has worked with the Australian Green Building Council (GBCA) to revise the Steel Credit available under the Green Star building rating system. There is a credit point available for builders who utilise fabricators who are members of the ASI's Environmental Sustainability Charter Group.

It is not a prerequisite of the scheme for Charter signatories to be ASI members.

View the Charter (PDF) (77 Kb)

EMS Mentor system for fabricators:

The EMS Mentor has been established by the ASI to support the Environmental Sustainability Charter Group to ensure all requirements of the Charter are met. Note that EMS refers to an Environmental Management System created to BS 8555 specifically for SME's.

Environmental Sustainability Charter brochure (PDF) (228 Kb)

Winner of the 2017 Environmental Sustainability Charter Fabricator Award - GFC Industries


High commendations were awarded to Civmec Construction & Engineering and Widgee Engineering.

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Charter Group Green Star diagramCompanies committed to the Sustainability Charter are those that run their businesses along sustainable lines, demonstrate environmental responsibility, and share their knowledge of sustainability with others. This commitment is audited once yearly by an independent auditor.

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