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Becoming a Charter Member

The fabricator / steelwork contractor is required to be a member of the Environmental Sustainability Charter and maintain an environmental management scheme (EMS). The ASI provides a mentoring scheme to BS 8555 through a web-based EMS which is designed for small to medium enterprises. Fabricators with ISO 14001 can use this to fulfil their obligations but must still provide evidence through the web-based mentor and be working on an environmental improvement project.

International applicants must demonstrate that they purchase their steel from a steelmaker who is compliant with ISO 14001 and who is a member of the World Steel Association’s Climate Action Programme, then follow the normal process.

To become a charter member, please contact Margrit Colenbrander at the Australian Steel Institute at or on 02 8748 0190.

Costs and charges 2017-2018

Joining fee:

  • $2,750 includes mentoring session
  • ASI members' subsidised joining fee is $1,750
  • Prices include GST

Annual fee:

  • $1,950 includes annual audit
  • ASI members' subsidised annual fee is $1,750
  • Annual fees are due at the end of June each year
  • Initial annual fee may be calculated on a pro rata basis on application

Levels of membership based on performance

Platinum Certified/compliant with ISO 14001, industry leader, all Charter Commitments met, environmental management and awareness evident across all levels of business.
Gold Industry best practice, closely following an EMS in accordance with the Charter, most Charter commitments met, strong environmental awareness and culture.
Silver Demonstrated evidence of sound environmental management throughout the organisation, working on continual improvement.
Bronze Demonstrated good environmental practice and progress under the ESC, committed to environmental improvement.