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The Sustainability Charter

Australian Steel Institute Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC)

The objective of the ESC is to develop steel as a sustainable form of construction and to have the steel industry chain operate in an environmentally responsible way.

Steel is recognised as a sustainable material and there is a need to establish mechanisms for companies to determine what a sustainable steel supplier is and how to identify one.

This Charter is designed for downstream enterprises associated with steel manufacturing, fabrication or services to demonstrate a company’s approach to environmental improvement, particularly where a company is required to achieve an accreditation as a contractual requirement, and is designed to be used by regulators, environmental rating agencies and bodies such as the Green Building Council of Australia.

Additionally, for a project to be covered by the Environmental Sustainability Charter, the steel used in the project must be supplied from an environmentally responsible steelmaker as follows:

The GBCA has determined that the steel used in projects requiring ESC membership and therefore being eligible for green credits must be supplied by steel maker/s or manufacturer/s who have:

  • A valid ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) in place
  • Membership of the World Steel Association's Climate Action Programme (WSA CAP). Ref. MAT-5 Steel Credit

Companies committing to this Charter will be required to complete a declaration to operate their businesses to reduce their environmental footprint, to increase the efficiency of resource use. They will be required to demonstrate environmental responsibility and seek this in their sub-contactors and suppliers.

Information sheet on the Environmental Sustainability Charter (PDF) (117 Kb)

Why environmental sustainability nurtures business sustainability, Sept 2017 (PDF) (97 Kb)

Companies committed to the ESC conduct their businesses along sustainable lines, demonstrate environmental responsibility and share their knowledge of sustainability with others.

This commitment is audited once yearly by an independent auditor. The annual audit is compulsory for the company to remain on the list of Charter members.

During the annual audit an ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter company must demonstrate that it is working on several of the following environmental criteria:

  • Has an environmental policy that commits to reduction in environmental footprint by managing waste, energy and fuel use, signed by the Manager
  • Fully compliant with the legislative requirements for environmental laws
  • Operates an environmental management scheme (EMS) and using environmental impact assessment for process improvement
  • Can demonstrate through the environmental management scheme efforts to improve its environmental footprint
  • Agrees to and participates in an independent audit to the EMS completed annually
  • Has a policy that seeks interaction with suppliers and its community on environmental issues.