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Design capacity tables for structural steel, vol. 1: Open sections

Cover - Design capacity tables for structural steel, vol. 1: Open sections

Design capacity tables, New releases

Author: Australian Steel Institute
Publisher: Australian Steel Institute

Date of Publication: 2016-06-06
ISBN: 9781921476402

Price: $145.00
Member Price: $99.00

ASI Number: 122
Edition: 5th

Number of pages: 364
Weight: 990 grams

This newly revised design aid to the limit states standard AS 4100-1998 considers open type hot-rolled sections and standard open sections manufactured from hot-rolled plate. Data includes among others: dimensions and section properties, design section capacities, values for fire design, design capacities for members subject to bending, shear, bearing, axial compression, axial tension and combined actions.

This new edition includes a significant number of tables and graphs to document the performance of the newly entered 350 Grade material for UB and UC sections, PFC sections, cut Tee sections, angle sections and TFB sections. The tables and table numbering were also re-arranged to better reflect a logical structure for the document given the new material provided. Section 9 has been updated to reflect new welding consumable strengths in the 2012 amendment to AS 4100.

The majority of data in this fifth edition has been recalculated to provide increased significant figures, updates based on known issues or new information not present in the previous edition (in particular the 350 Grade tables). The tables have been calculated and verified using CHECKSTEEL structural steel design software by Revolutio. All recalculated data has been rigorously checked against either existing data or data calculated using alternative means.

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