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ASI SA Steel Excellence Awards 2018


Award details

The Australian Steel Excellence Awards are offered every 2 years. They are designed to highlight the high standards of design and execution achievable with steel as the prime building material. They showcase the versatility of steel and the Australian steel industry’s capabilities.

Criteria for nominating an entry in the ASI State Steel Excellence Awards include that the project must have used predominantly Australian steel and steelwork manufactured/fabricated in Australia, and completed or substantially completed in the preceding 24 months to the closing date for entries.

Benefits of Entering

These Awards carry the peer recognition associated with the Australian Steel Excellence Awards and the endorsement of the ASI for excellence and creative innovation in the use of steel in construction. They will be promoted substantially as excellent steel practice to the media and the building industry. Award entry is free of charge.

Winners will be announced at the SA Awards Presentation and Case Study Evening in mid-June 2018. In addition to the State Awards all the winners within each category will be nominated for the National Steel Excellence Awards.


Entries need to have been substantially structurally completed by the closing date of entries, Thursday 31 May 2018, and not greater than 2 years previous.


To secure your company's opportunity to sponsor these prestigious awards please contact Dave Ryan.

Judging Panel

The judging panel will comprise notable and successful professionals across the steel design and supply chain.

If you are entering more than one project:
If you wish to enter more than one project at a given time, you will need to close down your browser completely (not just the tab) between adding the first and the second to avoid the ASI system overriding the first entry with the second. This is because the system creates a unique link for you to return to, to amend your entry, and if the browser is not shut down before proceeding with the next entry, it will conclude you are amending the first.

Download the Call for Entries flyer (PDF) (342 Kb)

Submission Requirements