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Improving Steel Documentation for Buildings

The Issue

  • An increasing trend to incomplete documentation at time of tender necessitating the design to emerge through the process, is an issue for the Building Information Flow group within the ASI (steel chain) and the AISD (detailers). This matter is sometimes seen by builders, contractors and clients as difficult to deal with due to the large number of issues during construction. These issues result in RFIs and later claims for additional payments. In fact it is the contractual process that sets this up and considerable time and cost efficiencies can be generated by the adoption of more consultative models.

The Cause

  • The desire to start the tendering process before the design is coordinated between the architect and engineer, means that fabricators are quoting on incomplete or disputed drawings and one in which significant detail is changing during construction.
  • For example, often the architect's deadline is the same as for the design engineer, resulting in the engineering drawing being at odds with the architect's.
  • BIF seminar speakerDesign co-operation between the architect, engineer and detailer is inhibited by the contracting model set up by the client, developer or builder, inhibiting continuous communication and checking of data through the models during the design process.

The Challenge

  • To convince the market that iterative data transfer between the detailer and engineer will provide an accurate set of documents that will assist in the construction process, increasing speed, reducing cost and rework by both the detailer and fabricator.