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Check out the latest news coverage on ASI's promotion of adherence to Australian standards for steelwork here...


July - Verified steelwork extracts risk from resource projects (Resources Recap, Queensland Resources Council

April - Guidance offered to meet new quality benchmark (Build Australia) (PDF) (2 Mb)

April - Tools offered for meeting new steelwork standard (BPEQ e-news) (PDF) (105 Kb)

March - New Standard inspires confidence (OneSteel Communique) (PDF) (372 Kb)

March - National Steelwork Compliance Scheme (Master Builder Queensland) (PDF) (258 Kb)


April - South Australian moves firm up steel surety (Build Australia) (PDF) (1 Mb)

March/April - South Australian moves shore up steel surety (AINDT Industrial Eye) (PDF) (291 Kb)


December - Safety concerns over fabricated Chinese steel (Steelspeak SAISC) (PDF) (33 Kb)

26 August - Bridge safety fears in City of Busselton (Busselton Mail) (PDF) (27 Kb)

June - Queensland first to adopt Australia's new third party certification scheme (Master Builder Queensland) (PDF) (779 Kb)

April - Third party structural steelwork assurance a reality (Build Australia) (PDF) (295 Kb)

April - New scheme for managing risks (Engineers Australia) (PDF) (2 Mb)


October - Building confidence in local steelwork (Master Builder WA) (PDF) (786 Kb)


September - Steel code of practice proposal (Engineers Australia) (PDF) (3 Mb) 

July - Steel industry standards may be implemented (Building Products News) (PDF) (595 Kb)

June - Getting real with steel (The Builders Choice) (PDF) (233 Kb)


August - Technical guidance on steel structures (Engineers Australia) (PDF) (2 Mb)


August - Technical guides for structural steel (Engineers Australia) (PDF) (1 Mb)

June - Making sure what's designed is what's built (Builders Choice WA) (PDF) (893 Kb)

May - New industry benchmark for steel sheds (Building Products News) (PDF) (44 Kb)

Autumn - Making sure about steel (Building Construction Materials and Equipment) (PDF) (790 Kb)

12 February - Northern Daily Leader (Tamworth) (PDF) (84 Kb)


December - Builders Choice (WA) (PDF) (84 Kb)

4 November - News Mail (Bundaberg) (PDF) (36 Kb)

September - Steel In Touch (BlueScope Steel) (PDF) (581 Kb)

August - Engineers Australia (PDF) (2 Mb)

July - Australian National Construction Review (PDF) (463 Kb)

March - Construct (Australian Institute of Building) (PDF) (809 Kb)