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NSSCS for clients and Government

Achieving the quality benchmark

  • Configure your procurement specifications to reference AS/NZS 5131.
    Download Good practice steelwork procurement (PDF) (286 Kb)
  • Nominate third-party certification of steelwork under the NSSCS
  • Implement surveillance to ensure the intent of your procurement specifications has been actioned

The benefits for you

The benefits of the NSSCS to clients and Government include:

  • Assurance that the steelwork contractor is competent as assessed by an expert process.
  • Assurance that the tender offer is based on a like for like quality comparison and not compromised on quality, therefore minimising likely costly rework and remediation.
  • Management of risk and your duty of care under the Workplace Health and Safety Act (Safe design of structures).
  • Utilising a steelwork fabricator who has invested in training, apprenticeships, systems and capability over those who quote on price alone.
  • Support development of a world class steelwork fabrication industry in Australia.

Various state Governments either use or are about to use third party steel and steelwork certification as a mechanism to meet the expected benchmark following a plethora of steel material and fabrication failures on recent projects supplied from overseas.

Recommended contract wording for structural steelwork

All fabricated structural steelwork specified for this project must comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 5131 Structural Steelwork - Fabrication and Erection. The project documentation must also nominate the appropriate Construction Category(s) in accordance with AS/NZS 5131.

All structural steelwork must be fabricated by fabricators certified under the ASI ‘National Structural Steelwork Compliance Scheme’ (NSSCS) (see operated by Steelwork Compliance Australia (SCA) for the Cconstruction Ccategory(s) defined in the project specification.

All tenderers (fabricators) must have documented current evidence of having fulfilled ‘Stage 1’ of the SCA certification process, including a gap analysis of the necessary actions to meet the required Construction Category. The successful fabricator(s) must submit documentary evidence of current full certification to the relevant Cconstruction Ccategory before work commences on the project. The certification must be maintained for the duration of the project.

For your convenience download a PDF of 'Recommended contract wording' (PDF) (117 Kb).