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Achieving the quality benchmark

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  • Nominate the Construction Category for the particular structure or component.
  • Utilise the new National Structural Steelwork Specification to ensure that, for the scope of work for which you are contracted, the construction specification has suitable wording to reference the Standard and the necessary project-specific detail selections.
  • Check the submittals for materials and fabrication to confirm conformity. When using certified fabricators, much of this is already configured.
  • Provide your project-specific certification as is currently required.

The structure of AS/NZS 5131

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In essence, AS/NZS 5131 defines two ‘layers’ on top of the base layer that represents international good practice:

Engineer NSSCS diagram

The new National Structural Steelwork Specification (NSSS)

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ASI has created the new ‘National Structural Steelwork Specification’ (NSSS) as a convenient implementation tool for industry to ingrain the AS/NZS 5131 requirements. More information

Assessing the Construction Category

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The assessment of the Construction Category for the project or components of the project utilises a very simple risk matrix with three input factors, including the structure importance level from the National Construction Code (NCC). The ASI has prepared Tech Note TN011 to assist engineers, freely downloadable from

Construction categories

The benefits for you

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The benefits to engineers of AS/NZS 5131 and the NSSCS include:

  • Provides the means to make a clear quantitative risk-based categorisation of projects.
  • Provides a practical tool that that in time becomes ‘accepted industry practice.
  • Helps to manage your risk and your duty of care under the Workplace Health and Safety Act (Safe design of structures).