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Structural steel fabricators help clients face and meet project challenges

  1. Structural steel fabricators know how to optimise the use of their material on projects;
  2. Structural steel fabricators consistently come up with meaningful alternatives on how to better approach a project;
  3. Structural steel fabricators know what the term ‘value engineering’ means and do not equate it to just reducing the scope of the project;
  4. Structural steel fabricators understand the costs associated with what they do.

New and innovative business models are being developed with better interface in the technology areas between engineers and detailers and the fabricator. Flowing from the UK we are seeing an emergence of the ‘Design and Construct’ Steel Contractor assuming an increased share of design and erection for the entire steel component.

Further information on ASI fabricator activity in the following areas

  1. Steel in buildings - Future ProofingMulti-level Buildings - a section on why steel is competitive in this area when the TOTAL cost is taken into account.
  2. Steel Costing (Multi-level) – examples of current market rates for steel based on fabricator averages for multi storey construction.
  3. Compliance – The importance of getting the design that was intended. Use of Australian standards to provide the necessary guidelines to identify the quality of material and welding processes to meet the design intent
  4. Local Content - The reasons in the national Interest to support local fabrication