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New practical erection guide

An industry guidance document for the erection of multi-element steel structures has been developed as one of the required deliverables resulting from an Enforceable Undertaking being actioned by Multiplex Constructions Pty Limited. 

This Guide sets out practical guidance for the erection of multi-element steel structures. The purpose of the Guide is to define the planning processes and controls necessary to help support best practice outcomes which mitigate health and safety risks for all stakeholders associated with the erection of steel structures. The aim of the guide is to inform stakeholders so that better practices as a whole may be considered and implemented and to increase awareness of the legislative requirements in each state for all parties to understand their obligations.

In order to provide a balanced view on industry good practice, the document was prepared by a working group including representatives from Australian Steel Institute and Multiplex Construction Pty Limited as well as various industry representatives including engineers, fabricators and erectors.

It is intended that the publication be used as a basis for industry awareness and education and to drive positive change, which forms a component of the Enforceable Undertaking.

The Practical guide to planning the safe erection of steel structures (PDF) (2 Mb) is intended for any person involved with the design, coordination, fabrication or erection of multi-element steel structures and is intended to apply to all types of projects, providing a framework for the user to determine what steps are appropriate for their particular scope of work.

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Practical guide to erection of steelwork_cover   Seminars on the new guide are being offered in locations where there are sufficient numbers of attendees. Please email with your details should you be interested in attending such an event.

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