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National Fabricator Forum( NFF)

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The Forum meets at the Australian Steel Convention each year in September and aims to generate a stronger, more profitable and internationally competitive Australian steel fabrication industry. It strives for this by providing a place to discuss and resolve issues affecting fabricators nationally and a platform for voicing their position to greater industry providing a unified voice to influence government, industry and key decision makers for the benefit of all fabricators.

Steel in Multi-Level Construction (Marketing Committee)

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The Committee aims to influence the construction industry to choose structural steel building solutions. This is to be achieved through influencing specifiers in multi-storey projects to consider a composite construction method from the outset, instill its cost and logistical advantages over other building materials with the key building and construction decision makers and help guide the Australian steel fabrication industry on ways to improve their competitive offer. It also promotes the Steel Contractor model as a turnkey approach to include all trades involved in multi-storey construction including fire, paint, decking and erection. This work is undertaken within a marketing framework educating fabricators on leading design tools and a ‘new steel technology’ to be more competitive whilst upgrading the marketing effort to those with influence over structural steel specification and procurement.

Environmental Sustainability Charter Group ( ESC)

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The Environmental Sustainability Charter Group is made up of downstream steel industry companies who have committed themselves to the Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC). The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) has worked with the Australian Green Building Council to revise the Steel Credit available under the Green Star building rating system. There is now a credit point available for fabricators who are members of the ASI's Environmental Sustainability Charter Group.

View the ESC Charter ESC (PDF) (19 Kb)