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3D Modelling Efficiencies

The information derived from the 3D model is used right through the fabrication process from Just-In-Time (JIT) processing to determining the constructability (by allowing virtual assembly) of the structure to the phasing and load out to site of the fabricated items including the bolts used to assemble each item.

CNC Equipment and advantages

Beam line

  • Pop marks or scribing for fittings
  • Cutting and drilling accuracy
  • Reduced labour costs

Angle Line

  • Cutting and Punching accuracyFabrication Technology 3
  • Reduced labour costs
  • High speed Fabrication
  • Bolted angle connections

Coping Machine

  • Reduction in Skilled labour
  • Fabrication accuracy
  • Reduced labour costs

Automated Cambering

  • Reduction in skilled labour
  • Fabrication technology - fab equipmentReduced labour costs
  • High-speed fabrication

Section Blasting

  • Rapid blasting times
  • Consistent finish
  • Environmentally friendly

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