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Australia’s steel industry employs 90,000+ people and has an annual turnover in excess of $30 billion. The integrated Australian steel channel typically holds in excess of two million tonnes of inventory available through distributors are located in over 300 sites across the country.

The Australian structural steel sector is about equivalent in capacity to the highly regarded UK fabrication industry at between 1.2 and 1.6 million tonnes per annum, but with a focus on the engineering projects sector. The medium and larger fabricators (2000–20,000 tonnes per annum) process approximately 960,000 tonnes with a large shift from labour-based fabrication to CNC, beam lining, angle lines and plasma and gas profile cutting.

The local fabrication industry has invested heavily in new plant and automation to expand capacity and improve efficiency. Information obtained by the ASI and confirmed with ABS statistics, projected across all of fabrication suggests that $400 million was committed to these upgrades in 2006-08.

Australian detailers are widely sought and internationally recognised for application of advanced technologies and tight management with established relationships build from work in the US, Canada, East Asia, the UK and Africa.

A conservative estimate of the capability of the Australian galvanizing industry is 67,000mt/month.

Case studies

Crash barrier 699 Bourke StreetWest Gate Bridge upgrade, Melbourne (PDF) (180 Kb)

Macleay River and Floodplain Bridge, Kempsey Bypass, NSW (PDF) (160 Kb)

500 Hay Street, Perth (PDF) (448 Kb)

699 Bourke Street, Melbourne (PDF) (608 Kb)

Queensland State Velodrome, Brisbane (PDF) (726 Kb)

Scenic World Railway Redevelopment, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW (PDF) (504 Kb)

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