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Improving participation and competitiveness in WA infrastructure and resources projects

Funded by the WA Government Innovation and Industry Promotions Program, this report defines the current state of the local supply chain, identifies ways to enhance the industry's competitiveness and suggests ways to lift the industry's engagement with major resources and infrastructure projects. Dr Martin West of Curtin University conducted market segment analysis and identified value propositions and ways of integrating local industry capability and Deloitte Private focused in benchmarking supply chain efficiencies.The report was published in Oct 2012.

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Steel Advocate report and resources

The Joint Venture Template developed by the Steel Industry Supplier Advocate, Dennis O’Neill draws from in-depth industry consultation to provide steel businesses with a collaborative model to bid more effectively for major project works.

Mr O’Neill came to the role from over 32 years’ experience at senior management levels working in export, manufacturing, distribution, construction, continuous processing, joint ventures and other forms of partnering. He is a former Managing Director of prominent engineering companies, United Group and Evans Deakin Industries.

Read the report and presentation:

Steel Supplier Advocate’s Report on Australian Participation in Large Resource and Infrastructure Projects (PDF) (436 Kb)

Australian Steel Convention 2012: Presentation on Steel Supplier Advocate’s work (PDF) (225 Kb)

Incorporated joint venture model:

Joint Venture Agreement Summary Paper (PDF) (34 Kb)

Steel Joint Venture Agreement - Small projects (PDF) (190 Kb)

Steel Joint Venture Agreement - Large projects (PDF) (191 Kb)

For more information on Steel Supplier Advocate’s work, click here

Tax incentives to increase Australian content in major resource projects (PDF) (414 Kb)

A policy prescription for the future (August 2011) (PDF) (466 Kb)

NIEIR Report Maximising Australia's Resources Boom (July 2011) (PDF) (4 Mb)

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