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The ASI mounts ongoing advocacy standing up for the value of the local industry on procurement decisions for major development projects to provide Full, Fair and Reasonable opportunity to participate and that Australia's trade regime penalise predatory trade practices associated with imported product within the nation's existing international commitments. This work encompasses: formal submissions to Government enquiries; engagement with Federal and State MPs; pressing the local industry's policy platform via mainstream agenda setting media; coordinating efforts with other peak industry bodies; and representation to major project proponents - with progress made on each of these objectives.


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ASI Chief Executive represents local industry’s interest on the Australian Government-administered Steel Industry Innovation Council.

ASI state managers meet regularly with serving ministers in relevant portfolios and representatives of Industry Capability Networks (ICNs) to promote local content on specific strategic projects.

Ongoing letter campaign targeting Heads of Government and Industry Ministers advocating local industry participation.

ASI's submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry into the future of Australia's steel industry

As the steel industry confronts arguably the most challenging conditions in its recent history, the ASI's submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry into the future of the Australian steel industry makes the case that Government giving due respect to the flow-on benefits from local procurement should be factored in to major public works and that complying with Australian standards through existing third-party verification programs allows for a level playing field whilst mitigating project risk.

Read the ASI submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry here (PDF) (7 Mb)

The ASI has advocated strongly over recent times that the Federal Government's anti-dumping regime allow reasonable time for submitting information to ensure investigations are not hindered by overseas companies who refuse to cooperate with the Anti-dumping Commission, also to strengthen the Anti-dumping Review Panel’s powers to help reduce delaying tactics, expanding the International Trade Remedies Advisory service to help businesses prepare applications for dumping and countervailing duties, and retaining the International Trade Remedies Forum with the steel industry well represented.


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The ASI consults closely with local industry through a network of state-based Local Content Working Groups, and provides guidance to individual members contesting involvement on major up and coming projects on submissions and tender documents.

The ASI consults the industry regularly in compiling updated reports on industry capability and capacity and also hosts a detailed Industry Directory on its website accessible to the public.

The ASI holds workshops for members on meeting standard pre-qualification requirements for competitive tendering and is helping facilitate formation of steel contractor consortia in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland to bid on major resource and infrastructure development projects.

The ASI has long established links with a number of key industry bodies that support the steel industry including: Engineers Australia, the Architects Institute of Australia, the Australian Industry Group, the Building Products Innovation Council and other key associations who interact with the steel industry.

The ASI with industry in general also work closely with the trade union movement and the specific relevant unions that work within the steel sector including the Australian Workers Union, Australian Metal Workers Union, National Union of Workers and the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union – this is crucial as the local content issue ultimately impacts the prospects of Australian jobs and skills.


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The ASI regularly respond to announcements about new projects coming on line with letters to editors and media announcements canvassing Fair, Full and Reasonable opportunity for local industry where that is evidently not the case.