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The Australian steel industry is vast and encapsulates many different sectors. Within each of these entities exists a challenge to increase productivity, incorporate new technologies and adequately train and engage staff. Our members also need to achieve the requirements of our clients such as construction sector, to meet the challenges of providing steel related products safely and efficiently and demonstrate steel as the material of choice.

The ASI is committed to assisting our members to achieve these goals safely through direct engagement utilising targeted Safety groups, education and promotion. It is our belief that by providing a healthier and safer steel industry, injuries and work-related illnesses can and must be prevented and this in turn supports excellent business results.

This website provides information relating to ASI National Safety Group; Safety Alerts; Related documents (ASI Logistics Safety Guides); direct links (Workplace State Authorities); National Health & Safety Excellence Awards and Logistics.

The ASI welcomes your participation by joining groups and providing feedback and information that will assist others to conduct their business safely. All enquiries can be fielded to the National Safety Manager:
Phil Casey
(02) 8748 0185

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Listing of ASI member companies providing services in the area of WHS&E.

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Holding Redlich offers ASI Members a special service. They can either call us on 1800 HR LAWYER or email us at

We also offer a free 20 minute consultation in respect of any workplace incident, including any Chain of Responsibility incident.