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Chain of Responsibility (CoR) - Important changes that will affect your business

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) prescribes certain requirements and obligations to ensure compliance and safety for all parties in the transport supply chain. The CoR laws within the HVNL also import a requirement to have safety systems and controls in your operations to identify, assess and manage risks as they relate to your business and activities within the supply chain. Through a series of practical questions, the CoR Gap Assessment Tool enables you to examine your business practices and systems controls against known risks and recognised best practice:

ASI Logistics Safety Guides

The ASI Logistics Safety Guides, funded by a WorkCover NSW Education and Training Grant, are now available for download:

ASI LSG01 (Issue 2) Loading and unloading of trucks (PDF) (204 Kb)

ASI LSG02 Preventing falls off trucks (PDF) (851 Kb) 

ASI LSG03 Mobile equipment (PDF) (475 Kb)

We are awating updates of these documents from BlueScope Steel.

Loading, unloading exclusion zones

Download LUEZ Loading, unloading exclusion zones Guidelines (PDF) (860 Kb), 2010

Australian Steel Industry Logistics Safety Code

The Australian Steel Industry Logistics Safety Code (ASI LSC) is designed to ensure that all participants are aware of their responsibilities in the supply chain when they control or influence the safe and legal carriage of freight.

The purpose of this Code is to provide guidance to the Australian Steel Industry in relation to:

  • Controlling, managing, operating and auditing of Heavy Vehicle road transport freight movements;
  • Minimising the risk along the steel supply chain associated with freight movements; and
  • Complying with the Chain of Responsibility legislation, which imposes liability for Heavy Vehicle offences on all people and / or businesses whose actions, inactions or demands influence conduct on the road as well as on-road parties such as Drivers and Carriers.

Find signatories to the Australian Steel Industry Logistics Safety Code

More details on the Australian Steel Industry Logistics Safety Code

Australian Logistics Council

This website provides guidance tools and links including load restraint, time slot and queueing principles and other logistics related information.

Steel Transport Safety Network

The Steel Transport Safety Network (STSN) is a group of industry professionals who are signatories to the Logistics Safety Code of Practice.

The STSN, which includes steel industry companies as well as logistics providers, meets regularly to discuss logistics issues and solutions with the aim of developing a safer supply chain. The group also provides guidance for the maintenance of the Logistics Safety Code of Practice and organises the annual Logistics Safety & Environment Awards.

Logistics Safety & Environment Awards 2017 - Steel Transport Supplier winner - Large carrier - Toll


Logistics Safety & Environment Awards 2017 - Steel Transport Supplier winner - Small to Medium carrier - Russell Transport