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As part of its commitment to the highest safety and health standards, the World Steel Association (worldsteel) has recognised excellence in four of its member companies for delivering demonstrable improvements in safety and health for steel industry employees. Liberty OneSteel was one of the four recognised, for its initiative The goal zero: Every Body, Every Day safety engagement programme. Read more about it

NSW Workers Compensation changes, August 2016:
New policies to the NSW scheme can now be lodged directly with Insurance & Care NSW (icare) through their online self-service portal. icare will be managing and directly underwriting policies under the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme.
Read March 2018 update provided by Gow Gates (PDF) (53 Kb)

Safety Alerts

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Safety Alerts are generated from incidents and near miss occurrences provided by ASI members.

The intention of the Safety Alert is to provide general information ONLY to assist members to avoid similar incidents within their workplace and are not intended as specific recommendations or advice.

All identifying references to the member are removed so as to provide the relevant information only to assist other members.

All ASI members are encouraged to contribute by submitting information that will assist in the goal of creating a safer, healthier workplace.

Steel transport safety alerts:

STSN Safety Alert: Worker struck by vehicle mounted crane (PDF) (80 Kb)

Steel supply chain safety alerts:

SA0042 Vehicle stabilisers and outriggers (PDF) (177 Kb)

SA0041 Coil loading incident - Partial foot amputation (PDF) (301 Kb)

SA0040 Crane control - Deadman switch on joystick (PDF) (52 Kb)

SA0039 Sanding disc – Laceration hazard (PDF) (54 Kb)

SA0038 Sharp steel edges - Cuts to hands, fingers and arms (PDF) (50 Kb)

SA0037 Steel storage and dunnage procedures (PDF) (76 Kb)

SA0036 Personnel awareness in plate storage areas (PDF) (74 Kb)

SA0035 Non compliance to load restraint guidelines (PDF) (75 Kb)

SA0034 Crush injury to hand in pan brake (PDF) (55 Kb)

SA0033 Puncture finger using drill (PDF) (81 Kb)

SA0032 Chemical burn to eye (PDF) (45 Kb)

SA0031 Protection from blood-borne pathogens (PDF) (44 Kb)

SA0030 Jammed drill - Sprained wrist (PDF) (52 Kb)

SA0029 Motor falls from overhead crane (PDF) (69 Kb)

SA0028 Catapulting timber hits grounds person (PDF) (55 Kb)

SA0027 Over filling of forklift gas bottle (PDF) (182 Kb)

SA0026 Tipped side-loader exiting warehouse (PDF) (131 Kb)

SA0025 Tipped forklift during operation (PDF) (133 Kb)

SA0024 Toppling of steel bar (PDF) (148 Kb)

SA0023 Appropriate load restraint (PDF) (137 Kb)

SA0022 Product falling off truck during unloading process (PDF) (153 Kb)

SA0021 Overhead crane cable failure (PDF) (132 Kb)

SA0020 Forklift strikes utility pole (PDF) (139 Kb)

SA0019 Slip and fall from forklift (PDF) (156 Kb)

SA0018 Operator struck by coil (PDF) (160 Kb)

SA0017 Wrist fracture due to incorrectly engaged hook (PDF) (133 Kb)

SA0016 Failed lifting lug on crane C hook (PDF) (134 Kb)

SA0015 Near miss incident from reflective clothing triggering a reflective proximity sensor (PDF) (174 Kb)

SA0014 Hand entangled in saw blade (PDF) (133 Kb)

SA0013 Pedestrian hit by forklift (PDF) (130 Kb)

SA0012 Failure of lifting apparatus while moving coil (PDF) (162 Kb)

SA0011 Coil stack integrity failure (PDF) (194 Kb)

SA0010 Faulty ladder handrail (PDF) (173 Kb)

SA0009 Loss of load (PDF) (174 Kb)

SA0008 Beam bundle pushed off trailer (PDF) (114 Kb)

SA0007 Driver cuts hand on dog bar (PDF) (114 Kb)

SA0006 Driver hit by cheater bar (PDF) (115 Kb)

SA0005 Fall from height – Ladder incident (PDF) (58 Kb)

SA0004 Rigger falls 7 metres (PDF) (40 Kb)

SA0003 Lifting arrangement failure and importance of PPE (PDF) (55 Kb)

SA0002 Dropped coil from cranes (PDF) (56 Kb)

SA001 Four-drawer filing cabinet falls on top of person (PDF) (50 Kb)