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Building and infrastructure rating schemes

As the demand for Australian buildings and construction projects to achieve greatly improved environmental performance increases, systems to measure that improvement are being introduced from a number of sources.

The best known of these currently is the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green StarTM rating system for buildings. Also soon to be introduced is the Australian Green Infrastructure Council’s system for rating infrastructure projects.

GBCA Green StarTM steel credit points

The Green Building Council of Australia Green StarTM system for steel in buildings covers buildings such as commercial and educational buildings, hospitals, shopping centres and industrial buildings.

Steel is required to be supplied by an environmentally credentialled steel supplier, one point being awarded for dematerialisation by use of high strength steels and steel marking, and another for downstream steel processing/fabrication for accreditation with an ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter membership.

Please note that BlueScope Steel and OneSteel meet the requirements of the GBCA as environmentally credentialled suppliers. These companies qualified by having ISO 14001 environmental management systems in place and by being members of the worldsteel Climate Action Group.

Click here (PDF) (605 Kb) for a flow chart for Green StarTM credit points qualification published by OneSteel.

The ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter (PDF) (19 Kb) is a major component of this revised credit.

An ASI presentation in conjunction with BlueScope and OneSteel reviews the GBCA changes to the Green StarTM ratings for steel in buildings (PDF) (744 Kb).

Read more about the GBCA details on how to achieve Green StarTM points for steel buildings (PDF) (91 Kb).

ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter

The objective of the ESC is to develop steel as a sustainable form of construction and to have the steel industry chain operate in an environmentally responsible way.

This Charter is designed for downstream enterprises associated with steel manufacturing, fabrication or services to demonstrate a company’s approach to environmental improvement, particularly where a company is required to achieve an accreditation as a contractual requirement, and is designed to be used by regulators, environmental rating agencies and bodies such as the Green Building Council of Australia.

Projects that have been undertaken by Charter members include:

  • Recycling techniques to minimise amount of solid waste;
  • Reduction of energy consumption through solar power, installation of LED lighting, change of welders in the workshop to lower energy inverter welders;
  • Company-wide waste tracking system;
  • Reduction of waste of industrial gases;
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through LED installation and clear sheeting roof panels;
  • Increase of efficiency and reduction of waste with the steel shot blast system;
  • Reduction in steel use by efficient design;
  • Environmental paint disposal;
  • Donating waste steel to technical school.

More information

Sustainable Infrastructure

ISCA (The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia) is the peak body of infrastructure sustainability in Australia and New Zealand. Their IS rating tool is Australia and New Zealand's only compregensive rating system for evaluating sustainability across designed, construction, and operation of Infrastructure.

IS evaluates the sustainability (including environmental, social, economic and overnance aspects) of infrastructure project and assets. Sustainably sourced materials, including steel, are a ke factor in achieving an IR Rating.  

ISCA is a member based, not for profit organisation.