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How can we gain Green StarTM points for using steel ?

The GBCA has set out criteria for the awarding of points for steel use. Click here to find the current criteria.

What is the carbon dioxide emission rate for steel?

The emission of CO2 associated with steel varies according to the product and how it is made. A life cycle inventory for steel products has been developed within an overall LCI data base for Australian building products and this can be accessed through BPIC.

To what extent can steel members from a demolished building be reused?

If the chemical composition and strength grade of the steel member is known beyond doubt then the member can be reused at that grade. Otherwise the member is treated as if it were in the lowest strength category and can be reused at that grade. The GBCA Green StarTM credits encourage the accurate identification of steel members in new construction to enable reuse, taking advantage of the right grade at a later date with confidence.